Modern Facilities

State of art heating system, No carpets, Showers and locker rooms

Flexible Schedule

Times that meet your busy schedule from morning to late evening classes.

Great Location

Off H-1 in a vibrant community with locally owned businesses in the Kaimuki District

2 Studio's + Fitness

Get two studio's for the price of one with all the yoga to fit your needs plus a gym as well.


  • What should I wear?

    Wear comfortable clothes that breath and allow you to move freely. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Do I need to call ahead or sign up for class?

    No, our classes do not require pre-registration. Just come about 15 minutes before the class of your choice to allow time to sign in and get situated.
  • Which class should I take?

    Deciding which class is right for you depends on a number of things. Are you a brand new to yoga or have you been practicing for years? Are you in the mood for a good workout or a gentle, mellow flow? How does you body feel today? Do you have any injuries or health conditions? Please visit our classes page for more information about our classes.
  • What if I’m not flexible?

    No problem! Most new yoga students are not flexible, and while increased flexibility is one of the many benefits of practicing yoga it’s not the goal.

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